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Hi, I’m Tanika CEO and Founder of Technitory. I’m glad you got a chance to visit our website. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I graduated with my MBA in 2006. Soon after graduation I became a stay at home mom of 3 lovely children. Once my children went to middle school, I decided to get back in the workforce. I worked for a large telecommunications fortune 500 company for over 2 years, helping older adults learn technology. I loved it, it was the best job ever. Fortunately I was laid off and that is where I realized I’ve developed a new passion. Simply helping older adults stay connected with their friends and families.

In 2016 Technitory was established. Servicing customers on a daily basis I realized, Technology moves so fast, sometimes its hard for all of us to keep up. I saw a great need to assist our senior population to stay connected with their family, friends, or work environment and become less frustrated by giving them the tools and resources to successfully manage their smart devices.

It’s Technitory’s goal to serve, assist and encourage clients through excellent customer service using tact and empathy. What makes Technitory services different from our competitors is we don’t want seniors to just to read an article or take a class, we want to support them for ongoing learning through ongoing engagement (repetition), online resources, manuals and most importantly fun!

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Tanika Lee, CEO


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