1. The “Files app” – allows you to organize all your files in one place. It’s compatible with iCloud and Dropbox.


  1. The “Dock” is like a status bar that quickly allows you to access other apps. But this is for iPads.


  1. Multitasking, you can use more than one app a time, making it a split screen. Say you were in your photo app, and you got a text message. You can now view that message, while you are in the photo app at the same time.




  1. There is a new Document Scanner that allows you to sign documents on your iPad, but only if you have an Apple Pencil.





  1. On the keyboard, letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks are on the same keyboard.


  1. Coming this fall you can use Apple Pay inside your text messages. Allowing you to send money and receive money fast.





  1. Live photos will be more expressive.


  1. New camera filter.



  1. Your App store will look different.


  1. Siri will be more helpful; she also translates for you. Like it!


11. You can customize your control center, and its now on 1 page.



12. You can use maps outdoors and indoors (inside large buildings, airports, malls, etc) – Love it!


13. You can share passwords Let’s say you have family and friends come over the house and they wanted to connect to the wi-fi. Instead of typing in the password for them your can simply share it.


14. You can draw on your screenshots, add notes or mark them up.


15. You can now record your phone screen without connecting to the MAC. Love it!


16. New screen effects for iMessage.


17. You can Scan QR codes in the camera app.



18. You can drag and drop images into new albums.



19. You can take live photos while on face time.


20. You can Markup a PDF file. Yay!



21. Do not disturb while driving.



22. You can zoom into maps with just a thumb.


23. Virtual reality “fly over” cities.


24. Emergency “SOS’ Button.




25. You can move more than 1 app at a time.




26. More assistive touch options, like SOS, restart, pay, screenshot – etc.



27. Your phone can automatically answer calls for you, if you turn the option on in accessibility.


28. You can type to Siri instead of just speaking to Siri.



29. You can offload apps to save storage. YAY!



30. You can delete attachments all at once. Yay!



31.  You can track flights in safari



  1. Safari added a dictionary so you can define words.


  1. No advertising tracking in Safari on iOS 11, Yay! Love It!


  1. Safari allows you to block cookies easier, no more following you around the internet.


35.  You can add tables in Notes, almost like excel sheets. Like it!



36. You can lock notes or pin notes.


37. You can add drawings to your notes.


38. You can scan documents into your notes using your camera. Love it!


  1. You can add drawings to emails, woo hoo!




  1. Auto collapse thread, making it easier to read long threads.


  1. There are new wallpaper designs.


  1. Fast charging features. Will charge about 50% in 30 minutes.


Want to know what else iOS 11 can do? Leave a comment below.