In recent years, we heard about fast growing smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. But what about our desktops, are they falling behind. Yes, the smartphones, tablets and laptops are portable, convenient and even popular. But there are some things that the desktop offers that new portable devices don’t. In this article I will show you 10 reasons why you should keep your desktop or buy a desktop.

#1 Cost:

If you are in the market for a new computer, desktops are much cheaper and lasts longer than a laptop or tablet. For instance, you can get a good quality desktop computer with more features for around $599.00. Whereas an average, somewhat compatible laptop computer would cost around $799.00.


#2 Work:

Are you self employed or work from home? Then keeping your desktop is a must. It allows you to be more efficient and effective, while remaining comfortable. Do you use your 10 key stroke? Then a desktop is for you. Do you need to scan documents or receive scanned documents?  A desktop will be easier to navigate, hands down. The best way to determine if a desktop is best for you is to write down your needs and access them.




#3 Order groceries online:

Before you say it, yes you can order groceries on a tablet, but why would you want to! I order my groceries from my desktop computer. It’s easier to access the page, I can see my recent grocery list items, etc. Keep in mind that companies have a mobile version of their website and a desktop version of there website. Nonetheless, the mobile version of the website is restricted as far as features. Yet, the desktop version of the website offers more features when using the desktop version.


#4 You can see:

As we get older, let’s face it, our vision and hearing tends to dim. I do know that newer smartphones and tablets have accessibility features, which are helpful. But on smartphones and tablets, you can only maximize the font size to about as far as it goes on a 12-inch screen. However, when you are using a desktop, with a screen size of at least 20 inches to 32 inches (and sometimes larger) you can increase the font as large as you need to, which would help you be more productive. Speakers tend to be better on desktop computers as well.


#5 Playing games:

Do you play games on your computer? Do your kids or grandkids play games on your computer? Well, nothing out there compares to the power and graphics of a desktop when it comes to gaming. In other words, gaming is done best on desktop computers. Period!


#6 Large Keyboards:

Yes, large keyboards, something smartphones, tablets and some laptops doesn’t have. Do you ever fat finger the text buttons on your phone and/or tablet? Well, you won’t spend that time backspacing on your desktop. Because the keyboard is actually, large enough to type.  Larger keyboards come in handy when typing a lot.


#7 Watching movies:

Have you ever tried to watch a movie on a smartphone or a small tablet? I have and quite frankly my eyes get cramped. So, to save yourself the agony, watch your movies on your desktop, your eyes will thank you. Also if you watch movies on your desktop it will be easier to store movies to watch and enjoy later. Why? Because you can simply save the movie as an icon to your desktop?


#8 Multiple Monitors:

I know for work sometimes people need more than one monitor when coding. But if you want to watch a movie and work, you can simply add another monitor to your desktop. Therefore, using two monitors at once.


#9 Durability:

I recently went computer shopping with one of my clients. His #1 concern was that he wanted a durable computer. Well, that’s a problem nowadays a laptop weighs less than 2 pounds and a tablet and smartphone weigh even less. So, if you want something a little bulky and durable a desktop would be for you. Also, you can easily add more storage to your desktop, its faster than most laptops and easily repairable, lasts longer and most of all desktops still have CD-Rom slot (newer laptops have no space for cd’s, everything is downloaded).


#10 Posture:

Yes, our posture is important. When we use Smartphones, Tablets or laptops, our posture is usually slouched, bent over or even worse laying down. When using a desktop, it allows us to use proper posture, keeping our bones, back and neck in tact longer.



Thank you for reading this article!


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