1. Be careful when clicking on attachments or links in emails or text messages. If it’s suspicious, unexpected or don’t recognized the sender, don’t click.




  1. Make sure the website starts with HTTPS. Sometimes websites can encrypt the data you put in on the website, making your information vulnerable. Do not share personal or confidential information on websites that doesn’t start with https.


  1. Beware of Spam email- Spam email is an email created by scanning unsent posting, stealing of mailing lists to attempt to get your information. BEWARE

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  1. Back up your data on a regular basis and make sure your antivirus software is up to date. Sometimes, people send viruses through email and it can harm your files or even sometimes deleting them all. Using a backup will prevent the headache.


  1. See an unbeatable offer online. Well, proceed with caution because things that seems to good to be true usually are. Do a google search first about the company in a different internet tab and see what comes up about the company. Did a Scam report or alert appear?


  1. Don’t ever open up emails from unknown people/ and or sources! Think Before you click!! Unknown emails are like “Stranger Danger”


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  1. Protect your privacy, do not overshare your information. Banks typically do not ask you to click on a link to share information. So to be safe than sorry, Don’t! if you think the email or notice could be real, simply call the 1 800 number on the back of your card. Contact your customer support.


  1. When shopping or banking, never do it from a public Wi-Fi or from a device that does not belong to you. Our information could be compromised.

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  1. Set a time out lock on your computer and mobile devices. This way if your device is lost it would be a challenged for the perpetrator to retrieve your info.




  1. Practice good password management. I know it’s hard keeping up with all the different passwords, it can be challenging and stressful. Try changing your passwords quarterly and use a few words of a favorite song, so you can remember it. It’s better to be safe than sorry!