How about a Smart Home


So by now you may have heard a little bit about “Smart Home”! But the terms Smart Home can be a little intimidating and confusing. Well be confused no more. Technitory is here to help you understand Smart Tech Home a little more.


So, by definition a Smart Tech Home, is a home where your lighting, appliances, speakers, garage opener, door locks, smartphones and other electronics are all connected by the internet and can be controlled by your smartphone while at home or away form home. Ok that was a mouth full.


In other words, let’s say you want to control your home temperature to save money, of if you know its going to get colder by the time you get home, you can increase the temperature remotely while at a friend’s house or at work. All you will need is a Smart Tech Thermostat and the downloaded the app (the app will be provided by the Thermostat maker) on your phone and your set.

nest pic

However, to make it a truly Smart Tech Home, you can add onto the Smart Tech Thermostat with other Smart Tech devices. How you might ask, by adding smart lighting to your home. Smart lighting is replaceable yet internet connectable light bulbs that allow you to adjust the lighting in your home, some light bulbs even allow you to change the color from soft white, to red, blue, green or purple or the other thousand combinations. But, most importantly, you can turn your lights on remotely if you are going to be away from home a little longer than expected, making it a great safety feature. All you’ll need is the special smart tech light bulbs with the downloaded app.


You can even set up a monitoring system simply by using a NEST cam. Let me tell you, I love my Nest cam, because when I’m away I can tune in and check on my cat or my kids, you know, to make sure their doing their homework or not burning the house down, lol (laughing out loud). This smart monitor camera will allow you to view a large area in a large room or two, in addition to speaking capabilities where you can speak through the monitor.  The Nest camera also has night vision. It also has recording capabilities, but that cost extra. So if you want to keep it basic The NEST cam is perfect for beginner. It’s easy to install and use. Simply take it out the box, download the app, plug in the device and tat da your all set.


nest cam pic


Now I have one more Smart Tech device that will make your life a little easier, especially for people who lives in apartments, single family homes without a connected garage or simply to keep someone out your room/private space. You can simply install the Smart Tech Smart lock by Kwikset. What makes this lock special is it unlocks with your smartphone. This Smart lock allows you to track whose entering and leaving your house. In addition, you can email limited key access to family members or friends when you’re not at home. Have you ever thought about, did I lock the door or not? Well, to no surprise you can lock the door remotely and it will notify you, if you didn’t lock the door with notifications sent to your phone. The downside to this product is it does need batteries to operate which will need to be replaced once every 6 months to 1 year.


key lock pic


So our beginning question was, “What is a Smart Tech Home”, its when you can connect some or all the devices above and other devices (if needed) to have a more efficient and safe home when the apps are downloaded to your smartphone and devices are connected to the internet. The connected devices allow you to control the atmosphere of your home while your there or away. What will your first Smart Tech home device will be?