Try Knowroaming 

Are you prepared to travel the country with your smartphone? Did you call you cell phone provider to set up arrangements? Once you set up arrangements with your cell phone provide were you surprise about the excessive charges on your next bill? Well there may be a solution for you. Knowroaming!



Knowroaming is a international global sim sticker you place on your current sim card (yes your phone has a sim card). What’s cool about this sticker is, you buy the sticker for $30.00, install the SIM card and download the app.  You will be able to pay for the data and minutes as you go, and reload it on the app if you need more. To save money you can decrease your minute and data plan with your carrier. You won’t be using their minutes.


With Knowroaming you’ll get unlimited data in 90+ countries and reduced prepaid rates in over 200 countries. Check it out today!