Logitech Zero Touch 

Logitech Zero Touch launched a new hands-free mount a little over a year ago. Since it’s popularity other brands have raced to get their voice activated mounts to the market. Reviewing this mount appears to be very helpful for seniors and teens. This device allows your Android Smartphone to attached directly to your car mount while in use.


How does it work, simply download the app from Google play store on your android phone, attach the air vent to your car vent, and snap your phone against the magnetic strip. Simply wave your hand to initiate the device and to say your command.


While using Alexa, you will be able to use your smartphone to navigate, listen to music, audio books or use hands-free calling and texting. All these features can be done fumble free and allows you to focus more on safety and driving.


You can see the Logitech in action here.


A few things you should know, while using Alexa, you will use more of your mobile data, so you may want to increase your data plan, which will be ok for road trips. When using Alexa to contact people through your phone contacts, you will have to say the name exactly as it is in your smartphone. This may be a good buy to try for around $59.99.